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surface transform functionality?


New member
How do you access the old SURFACE/TRANSFORM/MIRROR functionality in WildFire II? I want to mirror curves (dependant)across a center plane.

PTC stays to do this with COPY/MIRROR, but this is NOT the same. Once you mirror the feature this way it is very difficult to redefine the original feature. (you can't reference additional geometry). This was not a problem with the old SURFACE/TRANSFORM/MIRROR.

I can't figure out how to do a dependant mirror in WILDFIRE II in a way that allows me to redefine the original feature robustly, does anyone know how to do this?

Thank you,



Pick the surface EDit>copy, then edit>paste special, selct move and transform, pick transformations in the dashboard and define your movements

If you are copying a solid surface you will need to copy>paste it then copy>paste special the surface.

Once you have a SURFACE, select it then pick the mirror icon and choose a plane to mirror about

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