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Surface Texture Symbology


New member
Working in Pro/E v2001 I've found only rudimentary surface finish symbols. I'm looking for fully functional ANSI Y-14.36 and/or ISO 1302 Surface Texture symbols with the ability to specify Stock Allowance, Lay Direction and add user specific text like: Mill, Turn, Grind, Hone, Lap, Polish or Wire EDM. Do such symbols exist in my 2001 package? If not, are some available here? Failing that, how can I modify existing symbols to produce the desired effects?


New member
I've found it in Wildfire (no longer working in 2001)

Using the Insert>Drawing Symbol>Custom command to locate the SURFTEXTURE symbol, select the Grouping tab, expand and select surface texture attributes. Activating the Designation attribute will permit user defined text.

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New member
Under the Pro/E 2001 install directory is a directory called Symbols. These are standard library symbols. The easiest way to get to them is when you choose Retrieve, go up one level .. and you will see System Syms listed. I see isosurftext, surftextsymlib and weldsymlib listed under the System Syms.


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