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Surface Tangency Using Intent Manager


New member
Attention Surfacing Guru's!

I have been trying to use the intent manager to create surfaces. Attached is the geometry that I'm trying to create.

View attachment 12

The steps that I have used to create the surface are:

Datum Curve

Surface Advanced Sweep

Transformed Surface copy and mirror

Surface Merge Join

The question that I have is at the endpoints, I'm trying to set tangency conditions so the endpoints are either (1) normal to a datum plane or (2) collinear to a centerline. In either case, the tangency conditions that I'm trying to create don't work. Is there some trick to using intent manager and the sketching tools to set these end conditions?

The images are as follows, (image 1) the geometry used to create the datum curve, which in turn will be used to create a surface advanced sweep ( image 2). Then( image 3) showing the hidden line surface tranformed copy and mirrored and then merged/joined surface. Please notice the purple lines at the centerline. What I'm trying to acheive is a tangency line similar to the other lines in the image. Once the tangency is acheived the purple line will change to a gray color.

I'm trying to create this without using ISDX and the connection tools. I'm sure there is a way to set these conditions and hope that someone out there can help.

Thanks for all suggestions!


New member
Seems to me you're using a bloody great sledge hammer to crack one tiny, little, eensy nut.

Why not extrude the walls of your model ???


New member

You're missing my point. I know there are easier ways to make this geometry. BUT, the issue here is technique not the end product. From a surfacing standpoint I will and have been challenged to acheive tangency at endpoints using the intent manager sketcher tools. What I'm after is to find out a tool / technique to acheive tangency within intent manager.

So, I figured that I would use a real simple example that (1) someone could duplicate without spending a lot of time or (2) not have so much clutter on the screen that my issue would get lost.

For the record, I have used the tangency and collinear constraints within intent manager without success of acheiving tangency at the endpoints. Is there some way to apply this constraints and reference a datum plane normal to the endpoints?

Thanks again for all suggestions!


New member
I'm not sure if you are using the right terminology or not, but I'm not sure what you mean by tangency at the endpoints. The only difference I see between Arul's and yours is that Arul's endpoints are aligned to datum planes. What tangency points are you referring to? All the curves I see are tangent.


New member
I think what he means is the adjoining edges with the mirrored geometry (in this case using surface transforms) are not tangent to each other.

These edges cannot be tangential - one adjoining edge is 89 deg to the mirror plane and the other 91 deg - BOTH OF THESE MUST BE NORMAL (90 deg) TO THE MIRROR PLANE TO OBTAIN TANGENCY.

Not sure what intent manager has to do with this.

This is an exercise in futility, what brainbox gave you this challenge ????


Since your 2 sketched entities (lines) are 89 and 91 degrees from the vertical when you mirror it, it is not going to be tangent with it's counterpart. You'll need to make them 90 degrees, or put a slight radius at the end where the arc meets the centerline at 90 degrees.


New member
Another method if you use splines, try this for dimensioning:

click on the spline then the end point then on the curve you want to connect to. (3 times total)

This will give you an angle dimemsion that you can tweak.


see attached image

View attachment 191