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Surface Merging


New member
When creating a surface merge, it asks you to select two quilts to combine. Is there anyway to create a group of surfaces as one of the quilts? I created several surfaces, grouped them together, but can't seem to select the whole group for the merge. Any suggestions?


New member
Surface merge only works with 2 surfaces or quilts at a time. You must merge the surfaces together individually. Start with 2 surfaces to make a quilt then you may keep adding surfaces to this quilt by merging...but only one at a time.


New member
Surface merges are accumulative.

Imagine you have 3 surfaces to merge:

You select the first two intersecting surfaces and side of the intersection of each surface you want to keep.

Then select the resultant merge and your 3rd surface. Again select the sides you want to keep.

If you check the model tree or feature list you'll see 3 surfaces and 2 surface merges.

On complicated stuff I use this to check, eg:

3 surfaces result in 2 surface merges.

5 surfaces result in 4 surface merges.

8 surfaces result in 7 surface merges.

and so on..

Technically a surface merge is a group of 2 or more trimmed surfaces.