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surface from solid


New member

I'm a proE new user (WF 2.0). (I'm Italian so forgive me for my not perfect english)

I have a solid made upwith differnt features, can I "extract" the boundary surface from it? Thank a lot



New member
Thanks Israr,

But it looks as if it's not working, the only menu active in shared data is "From File...". I tried to select the surface either with "feature" and "geometry" tool but no way. Thanks



New member
Thanks guys for your suggestion, all effective althou a little "extra work" but it's my mistake, I didn't explain myself well. I just needed the surface to be copied within the same part not to export!. So someone suggested just to

Select the surface--Copy--Pasteand I get the surface as I wanted. Maybe it was too easy for you!

Thanks anyway!!

P.S.Got a lot of other "silly" problem....do you want to know?