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Surface 1


New member
Pick a mirror plane. Sketch rectangles to bound the surface in
the top, front, and side planes. Start creating ouline
curves. Use these curves to build surfaces via boundaries,
sweeps, blends, etc.


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If you do not have ISDX then you can import a sketch using

This enables you to
sketch on top of a .jpg image you sketched.

If you are using ISDX then simply use the
trace sketch option like the image shows.

View attachment 763

Tutor created by DESIGN ENGINE|EDUCATIONS's Alfredo Santillan

+Sketch planes

Notice the underlying sketches. They were downloaded from the US Patent office
web site.

+Build a lattice structure

This example does not utilize the lattice structure however you may consider
it's use in this example.

+The simple four part boundary

This example the user should use the ISDX tool to build the curves as shown.


Model half of the car using the image planes.
may be glad to know that this is the way autodesigners develop
automobiles using Alias Auto Studio http://www.alias.com We
teach that class too.

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