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suppressed connections


New member

I'm receiving this note when I try entering the animation or mechanism applications, to work on the connected assembly I have made:

The highlighted connections are not defined from two bodies, if you continue they will be suppressed

Some days ago I saw something about this in the forum, I don't remember where, I think maybe by jasmin.

Anyway I'm not sure what I did wrong to get this message, please let me know what could be the solution. thanks.



Active member
The assembly connections you have created may be wrong. If you can send me your assembly I can better diagnose it and help you.



New member

I've already figured my way around this problem, it has been a while since I posted this you know, anyway the problem was with the ground components, and indeed it was related to the assembly connections I'm starting with.

In fact the first component to be assembled was causing the problem, which disappears when I do not Assemble componenet at default location. this icon on the right under assembly constraints.

Anyway thanks for trying to help I appreciate it, maybe it is another problem but it did work afterall.