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Suggested Workspace Maintenance (Housekeeping)


New member
Is anyone aware of a document or documents (possibly from PTC's Knowledge Base)that recommend how often workspaces should be deleted, how often the .proi directory structure should be re-created, etc. to avoid workspaces and their files from becoming corrupt?

Also, any docs on the recommended maximum number of items allowed in a workspace, file sizes of those items, etc?

Basically looking for housekeeping documentation that should be regularly performed to avoid problems in the Intralink environment.


Brad Hacker

ME CAD Admin

Zebra Technologies Corp.


New member

I'm using Intralink 3.3 since 6 months. We've got 3 computers to work with. We've make several workspaces (on the average 5)

and use near 150-200 items in each workspace without any problem. We delete these when we have finished our job (after three or four weeks).

So I think your installation must be done again or you must update Intralink to 3.3 if not done.


New member
Brad, I ran into an error when I tried to run ldbcompact.bat on my local .proi directories. The TAN number is 121601 which says that you need to upgrade to 3.3 datecode 2003290. I have the CD but haven't gotten around to trying it yet.

Steve C


New member

We used to have your same problems in Intralink 2.0, but since we have upgraded to Intralink 3.2, these problems have basically ceased to exist. My view was to finish up and check in every day, delete WS every week and the whole .proi every two weeks, and let it be rebuilt when you start Intralink again. I think there was .txt file for your Intralink view preferences that eveyone saved so they could keep their own specific views. Hope this helps...


New member
When I was on ILINK we had a script written that would rename an existing proi directory and create a new one automatically. The script would also copy any user preferences (special displays) from the old the new.

When the rename was done, to .proiold, if an existing .proiold already existed, it was automatically deleted before copying an existing to that same name.

We generally told users they should do the at least once a month, more often if they started to experience strange problems.

As far as PTC documents, I do not think there are any, let me know if you find some. Mostly I think it will come from trail and error (experience is better than documentation)


New member
Hello Brad, I am not currently aware of any docs that detail to an exact science how to maintain workspaces for intralink, but there is somethings that should be maintained, as stated by the PTC installation and topic handbooks (usually included with the software). The information you are looking for, would normally be taught to you in a admin training course for intralink though. As an experienced Intralink administrator, i would recommend running the ldbcompact.bat on a semi-regular or regualr basis to prevent the errors you are concerned about, i recommend having a batch script that accomplishes this task everytime the client user opens the software. The batch file setup resides on each client machine i manage which requires no user or admin maintainence, as it automatically runs the process each time, all the time.

I can't imagine there would be a limit to workspace objects that can reside, nor have we found that to be a problem. Harddrive space on each local machine would be a limiter for that issue. Although the more objects in a workpsace, the less performance that workspace will likely have, its just the way it is. Also if you are having problems with corupt spaces, then there may be other problems causing that, and as Steve C has stated you will really need to have the most recent build number for the intralink release that you have implemented in order to be certain it isn't software errors. Hope this helps Brad.