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Stupid question!!


New member
Where can I find "ezrouter" comand for the piping menu?

I'm trying to learn piping from"Pro/Piping, the basics of getting started"

I can't find the command after I chose the start point .

I know that this is a stupid question but I can't find it



Active member
Which release of PROE are you using? There are lots of changes from 2001 to Wildfire 2.0

I can help you if you are using Wildfire 2.0



New member
There's no change with EZRouter. You can find it when you create pipeline, stock, set start csys and click Extend option. EZRouter shows up.


New member
Don't forget to try out the MenuMapper. You can find it on the home
page of the integrated browser or onthe PTC WIldfire website.

It works great - you choose the version & module you are familiar
with, then go through the menu selection and MenuMapper will tell you
where to find the command in Wildfire.