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stupid question


New member
I know one big company from germany that works with about 1000 licenses of proe2001 on NT (they are not changing to WF because WF does not work on NT, and they first have to reinstall all workstations to XP).


New member

Just to set the record straight, 2001 and Wildfire DO run on NT4. It is
even written on the packaging and the CDs and I have had build M160
running on it myself. However even though NT4 will probably run
Wildfire faster than Win2k or XP, your (older) hardware is probably
going to struggle because WF is so hungry.

Wildfire 2 will install on NT4 but will not run.

nVidia also have NT4 drivers at versions 43.45, 56.64, 61.76 and 66.93
if you need them though 56.64 appears to be the most recent Quadro
certified driver.

You can even get Windows Media Player 7.1 running on NT4 if you know what you are doing

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