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stupid cut plane question


New member
As a mechanical guy who details lots of weldments....

One thingI make sure I do is to take a skim cut off a weldment to give myself a good working surface. can someone please please please tell me what I need to do to display the orginal surface location, or even a datum plane as a phantom line in my drawing??

Up to this point I've been adding a line to my drawings, which never matches up to my dimensions... help!?

any and all suggestions appreciated!!



New member
I use datum curves just for that purpose......weldments, pitch diameters etc. You can change the line types by clicking on the curve and rmb properties.


New member
The reason the dimensions aren't matching is because the drawing view is not 1:1 scale. And if you're creating a surface or what ever , for reference uses you could insert a weld symbol with type, and spec.'s.