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Student Version vs. Manufacturer quote


New member
I had a friend of mine model a product I want to ultimately have
produced, in Pro-E Student. He can't do this at his real job and
I just wanted to know if what I wanted was even possible so he did it
on a version of Pro-E Student that I bought. I'm at a point now
in which I do want to go forward but all the work he has done is in
Student Version. Do I have any other choices beyond re-modeling
this in full blown to get a quote for a prototype? Does a
manufacture even know or care were step files or iges files originate
from? Also, if I do just a prototype can I get your opinion of
this as being a "for profit" situation in which Student Version
shouldn't be used? Thanks everyone!


New member
I transfered hundreds of student versioned Pro/E models to Professional Pro/E using a translater from PTC. But you don't need that forSTEP or IGES.


New member
In my case when I ask for quotes the manufacturer only need dxf,pdf or dwg and it doesn't matter the modeling source.


New member
Can you point me to the translator at PTC? I am trying to convert a file found here (Student Version) to work on a full blown Pro/E package.


New member
I've heard that you can define the entire model as a UDF and then import it into the professional version, but I haven't tried it