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I Have to create a Strap similar to the one in the Odds &Ends Files 91-120. I'm just curious as to the steps made to create this part. I started mine and started out with Datum points out in space, then did a connect the dots with Datum curves, then a surface and so on...Does anyone know the steps involved to make this part? I tried to download the file and import into Pro-E 2001 from a windows platform but I could not retrieve the file. I would love to get a hold of this file, but if anyone knows the processes involved that would be great to.


I have no problem opening the file in Pro/E 2001. But anyway, here's how it was done. It's actually pretty simple.

If you look at the strap from the side, most of the strap can be done with a thin protrution, both sides. Sketch everything until you get around to where the strap has to turn and loop onto itself.

Create the loop next. It will be at an angle, tangent to the part of the strap that it will connect to. The end of the loop and the part of the strap where it connects should form a 90 angle.

Use a swept blend to connect the loop and the strap.


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