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STL file in IGES standard -- input to Pro/E?


New member
Hey out there. I got an .igs file that has been written sorta like an STL; it contains a polygonal mesh of a 3D object. It was created via CT-scan of a human knee joint. Anyone have any idea on how to input this file into Pro/E? It doesn't seem to like it very much! I have been doing the insert>data from file route, but the geometry can't be created. Any hints? If anyone wants to e-mail me, I can forward my .igs file so you can see what I'm talking about ([email protected]). Thanks!

--- j

I worked a while ago with similar parts (well it was a vertebra). But the idea was that I was given a STL file from scanned data. That file was opened to Pro/E and saved as shrinkwrap (faceted solid) and the result was a solid Pro/E part..

Can you convert that file somehow to standard STL-file?

Ps. Check this link..


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