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still modeling a car


New member
I got a ton of help from you guys last time i posted a car modeling question. I've created several curves in the style mode. Now I'm trying to create surfaces from boudary curves in the same mode, but I'm having trouble getting adjacent curve sections to match up tangentially when I make surfaces. I have a driver's side window made up of 4 different surfaces created from boundary curves and can't figure out how to constrain them all as tangent to their mating section. Any suggestions?




New member
Aaron, I believe that after you have created your first surface, you should pick that surface and not the curve for the adjacent surface. Tangency should then be automatic created with the first surface and so on.


New member

In the style mode of wildfire, i went in and tried to pick my first surface (which i had created using create surfaces from boudary curves) but it would only allow me to pick on a curve, not the surface. I tried the same thing using the boundary blend tool with the same result, i could only pick curves, not the surface. How do i pick the surace?



New member
Right click on the curve end points and select one of the constraints.

It may prompt you to select a surface as a reference, so select the adjacent surf.

Do this for all relevant curves then build your surface.

To create a surface hold shift while you select your boundary curves and after selecting a minimum of three ( in WF only, four in earlier versions) you can right click to accept and you are done.

Small arrows will appear at your surface boundaries.

If you click in the middle of them they will change connection types. A broken line means you have positional only (they share a common boundary), a single line means tangent connection and a double line means continuous.

If you click on the ends it will change the driving surface ( the one that influences the connection *simply clicking on them does not make a better surface, it will only allow a connection as good as the underlying curve connections are.



They have simple tutorials for this at in the support section. Id paste a link for you but I cant seem to get in there today.