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STEP header


New member
I am looking on how to put company and part information into the header section of a STEP export.
I know there are configuration options available for IGES.

Does anyone know how this is accomplished?

this is the current default header being generated:


I wish to expound with items like company name, file part number and revision/version, date produced, etc.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.


New member
You can place anything inside the header you want. You simply need to open the header and close the header like any programming or scripting *HTML XML tools have to open and close. Look up XML scripting in google and try those open and close header tags.

<VENDOR>Parametric Technology Corporation</VENDOR>
<USER>Other Administrator</USER>
<MACHINE_TYPE> Intel64 Family 6 Model 60 Stepping 3 GenuineIntel 2394 MHz</MACHINE_TYPE>

Often companies will come to design engine to take import data doctor or some other type of class with imports and they are surprised to learn the file they are trying to import is actually from Pro/ENGINEER. Account managers in charge of managing the customer don't allow technical people to talk to the customer technical people in some fear of loosing the customer. Consider making a copy of a simple IGES or STEP import and open that in note pad. You don't want to corrupt the file you are trying to import by accident so make a copy. Note pad can't open very large files so you may have to use Word PAD. Microsfoft Word is the worst tool to use and some other tools like Microsoft word will add inadvertent hard brakes that will make your import not work. If you need to preform this on larger files consider using Adobe Dreamweaver.
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New member
While I am sure what you are providing has some merit, I just don't know what to do with it. I am familiar with XML scripting but this seems to be a second step solution.

So to be a little more concise:
What needs to be done between the time I press "make step" in PTC to file creation?

Is there something that needs to be engaged to activate the XML script to create the header information as it is being written to the file? I really want to avoid having users running a second program to modify the header because it will never get done.

Thanks for your assistance.


New member

I see you want it to occur automatically. I got it. Should have guessed. Not sure unless there is some custom setting one can set or program with Windchill. Dr Gallup: I like note pad ;)


New member
Yes, I do wish to make it automatic.
I was thinking there was some kind of file (like a text file) that would be read or copied into as the header of the step file during its generation.
I know it can be done. I've seen step data from other companies with their information enclosed.
I think it is rather essential to protect ones intellectual property.

this may have to go to some IT/programming professionals....

Thanks for your help.


New member
I have a few IT folks I can recommend from my years contracting. Im sure they could modify a script or already have one. I bet there is a custom tool inside Windchill that can be easily modified too. if you send me an email ill give you their emails. [email protected]