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Starting a cut from a different surface

Uni Phil

New member
I am cutting a part with surfaces that I would like different sequences to cut from different surface depths.

The problem that I have is that the tool always starts from the origional surface of the block. How can I tell the cutter to start at a different position and cut down from that position.

I have used the start option in the def seq box but that just starts the cutter at a certain position and delivers it to the top most surface which I didn't want it to start at.

Any help is much appreciated.



New member
What type of sequences are we talking about here? Volume? Profile? If it's profile milling you can select Customize, Insert, From-to-depth. Then specify a starting Z depth and finish depth. Actually as I recall, this works in Volume milling also.

Uni Phil

New member
Mildfire: I was actually using surface, thats maybe my problem. I did try other sequences but they didn't work either and the university lecturers aren't completely clued up with it either.

I'll try the profile cut as that will essentially do the same job.