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Start parts: WCS/Default view orientation


New member
Due to other software (and some history), I have been using an
alternate template which I created to match the desired coordinate
system. Basically, I rotated the default coordinate system (NoT
the WCS) and renamed the planes and views, etc...

View attachment 523

My problem is that as I have started using more of Pro/E (Mechanica,
specifically) I have found that there is more to the part than the
default coordinate system (I wondered what it was, but didn't worry
before). What is the correct way to reorient a part file, or is
this the best I'm going to do? Thanks.



New member
Thanks for the suggestion, but I believe that is what I did. My
problem with that solution is that it orients the 'default csys'
differently from the 'wcs' (world csys?). This is what I hope to
avoid. I remade my start part last night, and I believe the only
problem left is the 'Default' view. It doesn't seem to want to
let me redefine it.