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Start part information to downloaded part


New member
I am looking for a technique to apply to the following situation:

Users are downloading models from supplier sites that do not have our start part information such as parameters and defined views. I would like to get that information into these models. I have mapkeys for the parameter creation but I do not know what to do about the predefined views. Does anyone have experience with the automation of this situation?


Active member
Yes, exactly the same situation we had come across. We had to apply our custom start part and custom start assembly to some parts that were created on some others networks.

The solution was a mapkey that converted all our parts and assemblies.

If you need I can send you that mapkey.



New member
It sounds like you already have your answer, but here are some alternatives that may (or may not)be helpful.

If this is a Pro/E model you can configure ModelCHECK to check for and automatically fix nearly all template information. It can be configured to apply different template information based on the type of file. For instance, it can apply sheetmetal parameters to sheetmetal parts as opposed to solid parts. It can also apply different checks for plastic parts, cast parts, etc.

If you arereceiving neutral formats like DXF, IGES, STEP, etc, you can set the config.pro option "intf_in_use_template_models" to "yes". This will apply your default template (solid part, assembly, or drawing) when you import the file. Of course your default templates are specified by other config.pro options.

If you are downloading components from the PartsLink catalogs you can configure Pro/INTRALINK to add your Pro/INTRALINK parameters to the models as you import them.

Good luck