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Standard and Recommended Practices


New member
A few brief comments

Don't use PTC's start models, create your own; preferably several start
parts and assemblies to initiate the commonly used parts and assemblies
your company needs. Think about what each of them needs to contain in
terms on datums, layers, parameters, views, simplified reps etc. Note
it is not critical for all models to start with any datum planes,
co-ordinate systems or specific views. If you don't need them leave
them out which in
turn reduces the requirement for layers to filter them out.

Avoid all parent child relationships that cannot be broken safely later in the development cycle

Colouring parts in assembly mode is not ideal as it only allows one
colour per part and some parts need to be multicoloured for better
understanding. Also when you swap an assembly coloured part in an
assembly family table it is likely that you will lose the colour. It
also means having to change the colour in every assembly that part is
used in which to me is a waste of valuable time.

There is a long-standing bug affecting the commenting out of search
paths. While you can do it reliably in your config.pro your cannot do
it in your search path file; you have to remove it entirely. Perhaps
PTC have finally fixed this now but you need to be aware of it

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