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Spring modeling


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Okay, I've got what seems to be an easy problem, but can't quite get it to work. I want to model a spring with both ends flat - but not cut. I guess what I'm essentially doing is saying that the spring pitch equals zero for the last turn of the spring. So, how would you approach this problem? Is it possible to do this in one feature? The helical sweep feature doesn't seem robust enough to address this, and a trajectory graph would probably go haywire at the ends.


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So if I understand you right, you want to make a helical spring with closed ends, not ground/squared.

The way in which this can be accomplished is by creating a helical sweep feature, but changing the attribute from CONSTANT to VARIABLE pitch.

Also, when you sketch your sweep trajectory, you need to have it divided at the point(s) about which the pitch will transition from one value to the next. (See below)

View attachment 422

The result when you specify your pitches should be something like what is depicted below

View attachment 423


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Hello xandu,

You have to use a GRAPH feature in order to create this variable pitch.

If you need more help let me know.



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Hello XANDU,

One more thing u have to keep in mind is the pitch of the turns should be of equal to wire dia for a given no. of turns, not zero. And ofcourse u have to use variable pitch option and the pitch should be controlled by graph.

tried to attach the model, but it is taking too long time. if u nee d help pls let me know.


Uni Phil

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How do you use the graph to control the pitch.

I would love to know how to do this as I still haven't been tought this at uni!!


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Uni Phil,

Read carefully th reply by Lazar above and follow the instructions he has given. To understand this you must first be able to create a simple spring with defaults.