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Spring Force


New member
Please let me know if it is possible to simulate the spring to return to its original position? In Mechanism mode i put a spring between two points, one point is fixed and the other link point is movable because of pin connection, The link connected by cam connection by other link and lift off is enable, when the other link hits the link with spring it moves and the spring stretch but when both links dis-engage the spring never go back to its original position? Please inform me how to apply a force on the spring to ga back to its original position after the two links un-contact?

Thanks in Advance,



New member

I am not much confident about it . but what i think that while defining the springs you can define the spring constant and the unsreched length which in term define the spring load, hence no need to define load sepertly. But during dynamic analysis one can define load.

Let me know, does this make any sense.

With regards,