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Splitting BOM Ballons


New member
I have a multi pagedrawing with the BOM table on the first page.
I start placing ballons with quanitieson the first page andwould like tosplit some of the quanities off to the second page. When I split the ballonon the first page and then erase it and go to the second page to show the split quanity,it will not allow me to show thissplit quanity.

Is this the proper way to do this or should it be handled a different way?

Is there something in the Knowledge base that would desrcibe this procedure?


New member
Not sure if this is the best way. I usually move the views that I want to slit it into to the same page then just moved the view back.



New member

Thanks!This worked for now, not to sure I would want to do this on more than a two sheet drawing.



New member
This method works in Pro/E 2001.

In this example drawing has two sheets.

Sheet 1 contains the Right Side View along with the BOM Table for entire assembly. Sheet 2 contains Left Side View with no BOM Table.

Sheet 1 is active (current) in ProE window.

All respective components havethier respective balloons (w/total qty) placed appropriately about Right Side View.

Let's use Component 1 (a Bolt)w/atotal qty of 16, and 8 of these are to be in sheet 1 and the remaining 8 in sheet 2.

First, while in sheet1, split balloon for component 1 into two balloons, each w/a qty of 8.

Now, in top menu go to: "Window/New", then input the desired sheet# to be opened in thissecond window (in this case "2" for sheet 2).

To view both windows at the same time,reshape the sheet 1 window to fit in the upper half ofthe screen and reshape sheet 2 to fit in the lower half ofthe screen so thatboth can be viewed at the same time.

Zoom in appropriately in each window to clearly see what you are doing.

Sheet 1 window should be active, so click on the desired balloon that will be transferred to other view (in sheet 2), then right-click.

A drop-down listing will appear, select "switch view".

Move mouse pointer over to view in sheet 2 (of second window) and simply click anywhere in the respective view that you want the balloon to be (component must exist somewhere in that view you selected) but you need not select that component just the overall view, and there it is!

The balloon for component 1 with its qty of 8 is automatically pointing to the component it belongs to (ie, the Bolt) in this view.

Repeat to do others, remember to make sheet 1 active when you wish to do another.

When done simply close the 2nd window so that only sheet 1 window is remaining and then if you wish to go to sheet 2 do so appropriately.

Hope this helps