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splitting an IGES asm in WF

Uni Phil

New member
I have a suspension shock sent to me as an IGES which I want to use for a project, but I want to get rid of the spring and make my own flexible spring and have the assembly so that it moves when in my linkage system and run through pro/mechanica.

How do I beak apart the IGES that I have been sent into lots of little part files.

I have read a thread on here about how to do it but I can't find the options that they specify.

I think it's because I'm using WF SE and they were using 2001.

Any help will be much appriciated.


Active member
when you open the IGES file in Wildfire it gives you options to open it as part, assembly or drawing file, select assembly and open it. Now you have your IGES file in assembly form. Now you can replace whatever part you want to replace.



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