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Split a Part into Mulitple Parts


New member
Hi all,

Does anyone know a way to do this? I have a very large model that was easier to create as a whole. Now I need to export it to texture map and render it in a 3D environment. But, when I export it, all my edges are really jagged due to some weird approximations during exporting. Does anyone know of a way to split my model into smaller parts to reduce the jaggedness caused by exporting?

Much regards to all who can help. =)


New member
Sometimes putting a small rad on all of the edges will help get rid of the jagged edges.

I do this for a client who renders things in Flamingo and he swears by it.



New member
What you could do is use the master model method.

1. Create an assembly.

2. Assemble your large model as the first component.

3. Create your individual smaller components within this assembly using Assembly > Component > Create > Part, and use the Default constraint.

4. Get the necessary information from the large model (first component) into your individual models either by (a) Surface Copy, (b) Copy Geom features, (c) Shrinkwrap features, or (d) Component > Adv Utils > Merge.

5. In the individual models, create the geometry you need or perform whatever operations.

The beauty of this method is, your new models will be parametric to the original large model (assuming you have the Dependency option turned on for the Data Sharing features or Merged By Reference).

Dave Martin

Torgon Industries


Regarding Master Model Merge... the new external merge feature in 2001 is a great way to do this. No need for a temporary assembly and the dependency can be toggled on and off. Also, there is an option for copying or not-copying datum features as part of the merge (can be toggled as well).

All you need is a common reference csys in both the source and target part models.

-Brian Adkins


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