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spherical punch??


New member
I am placing a punch into a terminal that I'm modeling, inorder to create a dimple. The punch I'm inserting is basically a half-sphere shaped punch. After placing the assembly constraints for the punch, I of course have to define the Boundary Plane and the Seed Surface. Since I have no planer surface with regards to the Seed Surface due to the fact it's a sphere, the only way I know around this, is to create a very small miniscule flat on the punch to compensate for the Seed Surface....Can anyone suggest another method to get around this????

(wooh!! apologies for the long explanation :)


New member
NEVERMIND!!!!!!!!! I just found the answer to my question. I had accidently selected the die option instead of the punch option for making the form. Only in the die option is when you have to specify a seed and boundary surface..

sorry :) !!!!


New member
it is also possible by punch

in punch you need not require any base plane (block). puch can of exact shape you want to form. In this case u need not to specify any boundry or seed surface.


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