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Spaceball Spin Rate - Wildfire


New member
Hi, all.

Can anyone tell me if there is a way to configure Pro/E or the spaceball driver for a constant rotation sensitivity that isn't dependant on zoom factor? I've tried setting spin_rate_zoom_sensitive = NO and that doesn't seem to help.


Jeff Howard
It's a 3003 type (Hewlett Packard). I'm using 3DxWare's 3.4.3 driver.

The device functions well with a couple of other apps with native support, fwiw.

I'm using the 4000 FLX and I have the latest (I think) of the 3DxWare Version 3.2.0. I think the 3000 series had some limitations on what could be programmed. You might try downloading the 3DxWare drivers for that series.

Sorry, it doesn't look like I helped any,

Steve C
Thanks for the thought, anyway, Steve.

I can live with it, though it's a minor annoyance. With other apps I rarely have to do anything other than place the target. With Wildfire I'm constantly adjusting sensitivities. I'll try going thru support channels....