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New member
Can a Solidworks file be imported onto Pro-E 2001 and be usable and modifiable? Also can *.asm files be imported and used keeping the associativity from the original file format?


New member
To the best of my knowledge any model imported from SolidWorks will no longer be feature based. The best import/export option is STEP. You can import an assembly in STEP format and you will get individual parts assembled in the correct relative location but there will be no assembly constraints.

I beleive there are more advanced modules that can be purchased for manipulating imported geometry but it remains in my mind one of ProE's major flaws that it doesn't play well with others. I usually end up falling back on Cadkey for working with imported data. I can create sketch geometry and bring it into ProE in AutoCAD DWG format to build native ProE models. When doing this Intent Manager is pretty hit and miss. If the geometry is at all complex Intent Manager become Intent Mangler.

Bernie Hayden



New member
No can do with 2001, Wildfire is supposed to import parasolid files.

I attempted to convert solidworks to step and iges and then import into 2001. The result looked it was covered with large bubbles in all but 1 case, the file I didn't need.

I may have used an older version of solidworks from what the files were created in but they loaded into solidworks ok. Someone else actually performed this task for me.

I spoke with the salesman at PTC and he told me that the conversion doesn't always work. How true this statement is I don't really know. I couldn't acomplish it on the first attempt.

There is supposed to be an import fix mechanism if you right click on the item in the model tree and select it but I havn''t tried this yet.

I expect to hit it again after I load Wildfire rather tham wasting more time on it right now.