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Solidworks simulation


New member

I`m a newbie to this kind of subject and would like to learn FEA/FEM.

I made a simple test, a pump foundation used in shipyard industry, the pump is about 800kg and sits on the base plate and is bolted with 4 screws, the foundation plates are welded with a throat thickness of 3.5mm. It also transmits vibrations.

I applied for test a force of 10kN and the deformation is quite strange for me, i think in reality the foundation either fails or not but the base plate doesn`t deform as in the results.

If someone can point me to some documentation, books, tutorials that can help me learn i would be thankful.

I attach the foundation, but the results are bigger than 500kb and can`t be uploaded, but if anyone requests them i can provide. There is also a section called Volumetric Properties and units are imperial, can anyone tell me where can i change to metric?

Thank you in advance,