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Solidworks PDM Standard

Scott Monday

New member
Hello all, I just recently changed companies and I am now using Solidworks. I had been using Pro/Engineer for 20 years, and using Winchill for the last 10 years or so (and Interlink before that). The company that I moved to is small and we do not have any PDM software.

My questions are the following:

1. Is Solidworks PDM Standard affordable?
2. How much does each seat cost?
3. If we were to purchase, say, two standalone seats of the Standard package, then upgraded to Solidworks 2019 (currently using 2018)
would the PDM Standard need to be upgraded too, or would we be able to continue using the original seat?
4. We currently have two Solidworks users, but several Edrawings users, would we need Solidworks PDM standard for the Edrawing users
5. How does it handle revision history? Can drawings/designs be "reverted" to a previous revision if necessary?

Just a couple of questions. Trying to get a rough guess on cost and abilities of the Solidworks PDM before trying to get an official quote from our software supplier.

Thanks in advance,

S. Monday
Machine Designer
Creative Machining, Inc.