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smoothing contours


New member
I have an iges file of a site map which has the contours of a large hill included. I have modelled the hill as a series of protrusions following the contour lines. This is OK, but would look a lot better if it were 'smoothed' to give a realistic appearance.

Is there a way to do this?


New member
Have you tried a blend?

One way would be to make a boundary blend and use the intermediate contours as inner curves.

Its hard to say without seeing the model.



New member
Just some more ideas.

Is the IGES file a series of points or curves? If you have a Pro/SURFACE license, you have access to scan tools. You can use scan tools to create curves through the points and a surface through the curves. This will provide a the smooth geometry you need as a single surface/quilt. Then you can convert it into a solid if necessary.

If you have ISDX, you can create style curves (splines) attached to you IGES curves. Use the combination of curves to create ISDX surfaces. It too will create a smooth ground.