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Slicing a block


New member
Hello guyes!

How to slice a block into two or more pieces and save each piece as a separte part in WF 2.




New member
I suppose there are a lot of ways to do it. I had to do something similar and I just cheated. I made two copies of the part and did cuts on both (different sides).

That said, I'm sure you could do an assembly cut so you could maintain associativity on the "primary" part. I come from a boolean background where stuff like this was cake - its a little trickier (or just different) in Pro-E.


New member
If you have a mold license you could split the workpiece in half using a flat parting surface and no reference part... what a stupid option.

I don't know why ProE cannot include some boolean operations. They should be pretty basic to add since many low end cad programs operate this way.