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Sketcher to .DXF question


New member
Is there a way to export a sketch as a .dxf (or other standard file format) file while in sketcher? I would rather not have to go through the trouble of extruding a solid , then creating a drawing just to have a.dxf of a sketch.


New member
Hope someone will correct me if wrong; believe you will have to go to the trouble of creating a drawing view and export from drw.


New member
....we tend to associate dxf with autocad. I faced the same problem. I am not having proe in front of me. But I remember it to be something like what I described above. Or perhaps I made a sketched datum curve took it into drw and then exported it as dwg / dxf.

I didn't have to create a solid and that is for sure.


New member
While in sketcher all you can export is a .sec file, you can just sketch curves and then goto drawing mode and export as DXF no need to make a solid or even save the drawing.

But DXF export is only in Drawing mode, not part..least in r2001


New member
I agree with wsylvester Shetch as curve & place in drawing, Then export/save a copy as dwg or dxf. (in WF2)