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Sketcher dimensions not showing in 'modify model' screen


New member
ive created a couple of lines of geometry in sketcher, which will be eventually patterned.

My problem is so......

When out of sketcher mode, and on the normal screen, if i modify this feature, the '20' unit dimension wont be displayed. This dimension is dimensioned from a datum point to a datum ref.

View attachment 45

All the other geometry displays but why not the '20' units??? (it is the particular dimension i am after)

It there any way to make it appear when i modify the feature??

Many thanks
What is your view orientation when you click on Modify?

Some orthographic view will not display some dimension due to it's projection.

If you are in orthographic view you should try with Iso view.


New member
Try orienting the model in an iso view, the dimension might not show up in the planar view you are showing.

The only other thing would be to zoom out alittle to see if its off the part somewhere




If you are working with multiple Pro/E windows, if the 20.00 dimension is displayed in another window, it will not show up in the current window when you click Modify. I'm not sure if that's still the case with Wildfire, but it is with 2001 and previous versions.