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Sketched tool for turning profile


New member
Anybody have a solution for weird reuslts using a sketched tool in a turning profile. I need a sketched tool because the tip is a split point diamond tool. This what I sketched View attachment 87

This is what I got. It looks like the profile of the sketch is rotated, kind of. I have a coordinate system at the tip.

View attachment 88

The tool orientation parameter will not alter the tool angle.
Can you please re-word your problem in a more lucid language?? I'm not able to get the head or tails or anything about what the problem is and what you require!

Sorry, I thought a picture would be worth a thousand words.

I am using 2001 NC module to create a lathe turning sequence. The tool geometry is unique and must be sketched (tool nose radius is split). The result should be a 2d tool outline that graphical represents the tool and follows the tool path. What I get is similar to the 3d representation you get when sketching a mill cutter (it is rotated). I have tried several different sketches including horizontal and vertical tool layout and always get the same unusable result. The normal function of tool orientation does not work.

My question, how do I get the tool to appear as a normal 2d outline and restore the tool orientation function?

I believe what is happening is that the tool definition is by default a milling type tool which will always be a rotated profile. I am not sure, but I would check to see if the tool is designated as such in your turret. If so this is what I would do:

Model the tool as a unique tool and part file. Ensure that all tool parameters for a turning tool are defined (TIP etc...). Then once this is done, go into your turret and bring the solid model tool into the turret for use in your sequence.

Good luck. If this does not work e-mail me with the problem and maybe I can help you further.



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