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sketch plane within a new feature


New member
Does anyone know how to create a sketch datum on the fly (in Wildfire) while creating a new feature (such as a curve)such that the sketch datum is embedded in the new feature? In other words, so the sketch datum doeasn't show up in the model as a new feature. I am trying to create a sketched curve on a plane that is offset from an existing plane, but I can only seem to make the curve along with a new datum (two features). In 2001 making a sketch datum on the fly as part of the feature creation would only result in one new feature (the curve) being created. Thanks, Mark


Datum on the fly is gone in WF. Now you can create unlimited datum planes, axis, points, etc. in the middle of feature creation but they are all separate features put into a group. Unfortunately, when you pick on the solid feature and select edit, only the solid feature dimensions show up, not the datum dimensions used to locate or orient the feature. You have to expand the group and find the (probably hidden) datums to see those dimensions. A lot of poeple are upset about this so Datum on the Fly is supposed to be coming back in WF3.


New member
Datum on the fly is passed.
It is better in WF2.0 to be able to create as many datums as necessary.
Makes for an organized attack. I say break complex features up in more
simple steps is better. Yea this group has people that are above average
intelligence. (typical engineer) but smart people are smart because they
see things simply. I am curious to see PTC break down and offer DTM on
the fly in 3.0 just because users don't understand change. Next thing you know
you can do three part boundaries in ISDX. Oh.. that happened

Just because the user asks does not always mean the use knows what's
best. Feed a dog and he will eat the entire bowl.

I am continually impressed with each new release of Pro/ENGINEER. I
am excited to see where it is going. People are upset about a lot
of things.

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