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skeleton models .... open thread!


New member
I am trying to create a whisk.

Would it be possible to create the 'spacer' as a skeleton model so i could control the number of wires? At present i have datum points at the center of each hole in the spacer, this is what im using to control the datum curves. The curves are what i use to sweep a protrusion along to create the solid wires.

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Im unsure how i would go about this?


New member
The answer to that question is yes it would be possible to create a skeleton FOR the spacer, not exactly the spacer itself. The skeleton could contain an axis thru the default datums, then offset datum plane normal to axis at an offset distance that would locate the spacer from say ...the bottom of the handle for example, then simply pattern some datum points on that plane around the axis. writing a relation that would keep the angle spacing of patterned items equal to 360 (for degrees) divided by number of items patterned. Then just make the datum curves thru the leader of the datum point pattern, created at the skeleton level and reference pattern the curves to that pattern. When you change the number of patterned points it and regen it will automatically change the model assembly with proper spacing. So you don't exactly create the spacer as the skeleton you simply create a skeleton model within your assembly to manage and create the spacer, and wires, etc.