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skecher in wf-1


New member
Hi guys,

I am sorry, Today I have first time used wild fire 1

and skecher is horrible,Very difficult todifferenciate geometry line and dim lines.

all are in yellow colour.....!! ??..Is ptc guys rectified this in wild fire2 ????


Active member
If you are using legal software then you must have tutorials and you must get training.



New member
I am talking about skecher colours, It shouldhave diffcolours for geometry lines and dimension lines.

Training is nothing to do about it.

We have aruoud 40 licences and I am using since release 20


actually i can sympethise with mpro.

i started using pro-e @ a universtiy research department.

they had seemed to have every module and licence for it and many other
software equivenelts.. but they had -0- ZIp nADA manuals. i called up
ptc.. and they said talk to your systems administrator.

when starting from scratch, with no help. the learning curve can be quite scarey.


New member
the geoetry is actually yellow while the dimensions are off white, ecru or something like that. you can use the color setting to revert to pre-wildfire colors if you need to.