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sin wave wrapped on a cylinder and then sweep cut


i make a datum curve wrapped on a cylinder 20 diam and 200 long

i make a datum curve with the equation

x = 20 * sin ( t * 360* 10 )

y = t * 200

then create a wrap feature to the cylinder and offset the curve to draw it in the 2d sketcher

but now i can not cut sweep the curve

any ideas how to do this?


thx for that. but why doesnt just normal sweep work ?

also . if i use a square wave. it will not sweep a square section. but will sweep a round section. i think i will upload the files.


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Read the online help for both normal sweep and swept blend to know the limitations of both . I think I should not reproduce the theory behind it as you already have.

The square section on a square wave has the problem of intersection.