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Sin equations in Pro-e


New member
Hello all,

I am trying to model a datum curve in pro-e that is driven by a sinusoidal equation. I am trying to get one period starting and ending at a peak. In Pro-E I am getting a little more than one period and the graph is shifted on the x-axis. I am not sure what Pro_E is assuming. If I take my equation and do a straight conversion (180/pi) in Pro-E I no longer get a curve. I can get the geometry I want in both MatLab and Excel. In Excel I can get the geometry in both radians and degrees. Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated. The equaions I am trying to get to work are the following:


y=1.06167sin(1.256637(x+1.25)) [what do I multiply this by in Pro-E]


Thanks for your time,

Roxanne Dahlinger


New member
Maybe I am not understanding the whole problem, however if you use the following as a starting point maybe this will help.




This will give you a sin curve that starts and ends on the peak.

The units are in degrees, not rads