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Simulation missing Study Types

Magic Bob

New member

I'm a system administrator posting this on behalf of one my users, I hope this is the right place!

We are running Solidworks 2009 under a premium license.

The Simulation Add In has been enabled and Simulation -> Study selected.

However under the Study Property Manager there is only one Type Available - 'Static'. From what I understand there should be several more types available, for example 'Frequency'.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to activate these extra types?

Thanks for your help!


New member
Premium only offers Static study type, but it works for Assembly analyses as well. The next level of Simulation is Simulation Professional which allows for Dynamics, Buckling, Drop Tests and other options. You do have to pay a lot more for Simulation Professional or Premium.

Your VAR may be able to give you special deals for more advanced Analysis options. Sometimes you can get the Premium Simulation options just for paying the Maintenance Fees. You may also get a 30day license code to test for free.