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Simplified Representation View - WF1


New member
I guest this is not a easy question indicated by the 32 people who have view my question...but I'll ask it again.

I have create 15 SRV, and I have insert my bom and pick on the first view which gives me my item numbers & quantities for each balloon; COOL...

But when I pick on another view it gives me this error: Invalid view for showing BOM Balloons for the region.

So the problem that I'm having is I have to insert 15 boms for 15 view that will start the numbering sequence over for each view.

So what I'm looking for is One Bom for 15 views

So can anyone HELP...


The problem with what you are trying to do is that Wildfire doesn't like to use the same BOM for different representations. Even in Wildfire 2.0, I have not found a way to use BOM balloons on different reps.

One work around is to use a normal balloon - it may not be linked with the BOM, but it looks right, and that may be all that you need.


New member
Yes, i've exceeded my limitation on resolving this problem; and your right the only simple, well usable solution is just add the the individual balloons. Maybe WF3 will answer our concerns.

Thank you for your help...