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simple animation


New member

I want to make a simple animation of a product or a plate that is constrained on another plate(by offset and align).Is it possible. Is animation possible only if there is a mechanism. I want to show a product falling out of a set of mould plate. Pls guide.




yeah its easy.

1) constrain your object falling out of the mould so that it can only move up and down.

2) make a driver plane-to-plane, pick direction, then velocity of item.

3) run simulation.

4) play simulation and record it

if u need more detail let me know


New member
The constraint types must be mechanism ones, so you would need to use a cylinder and planar constraint.

Using 'standard' mate/aligh etc., you can creat snapshots, but in the animation, the parts positions won't change.

I made this mistake and have seen other post the same probelm.

Bear in mind if you have an assembly on a drawing, and want it to always to show the same assembly position every time, use an assembly method with aregen method.

If you can do this sucessfully, mechanism and top-down desigh with skeletons is awsome!