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Simple 2d statics/kinematics plug-in or app?


New member
I am looking for a simple 2D statics and/or kinematics plug-in for Pro/E or a separate application. If anyone has heard about such a thing please respond.

as i know there is no plug-in for such an application

don't compare proe with solidworks where everything is on plug-ins and so on

i think you want something ... like CATIA... where you can animate a dimension in a sketcher ?

2D only need apply to forces/moments.

Symech ( is such a 3rd party app that runs in Pro/E but it looks like it doesn't do gravity or anything but 3-4 bar linkages.

I need a 3 bar with ground pivots on sliders. Need kinematic forces read at sliders. symech is cool however. Check the website.

I'm still looking to solve my problem. I tried Pro/M Motion but to hard to learn with out a class or tutorial. I'm looking for a Pro/M Motion tutorial or book also.

Let's keep these idea's flowing!
Mr. Jonburns,

You can use MDO option which is comparatively easy to learn than Mechanica. Also there are 3 tutorials available in the documentation that comes with ProE CD.

You can ask me if you need help.


As israr mention Mechanism Design Option (MDO) can do this type of analysis and it is relatively easy to learn. I have used both motion and MDO and MDO is definetely more easy to learn. If you need more advance functionaly then Pro/MOTION is the way to go. Also if you are looking for a tutorial you may try Pro/Mechanica Motion: Mechanism Design & Analysis Release 2001 by Kuang-Hua Chang. You can find this book in I have not used it but I think this your only choice if you don't want to spend to much taking a class. I hope this info helps.


What a great resource! Great active group.

I'll look into MDO. We are talking Pro 2001 right? I'm not sure whether it came with our package. What is a menu pick that would show me whether we have it? Or, what is the name of it in the output of the Help/Technical Support Info command? You'd think I would've seen it by now...


Is Working Model still around? We used it in college. It was a great kinematics software package. I think MSC Software made it.