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Signatures on drawings


New member
I need to import a signature into my drawings when they get approved. I have tried importing scanned images that have been turned into (*.bmp) or (*.tif) files, but when I print them, they come out very dim. Does anyone out there do this and have the signature print as dark as the rest of the drawing?


New member
Is it possible for you to "trace" the signiture in a programme such as Corel Draw and then import it into your drawing as a DXF or IGES.



We just type in the person's name. I don't see how pasting in a graphic of any type makes it any more "official", the guy whose name appears didn't actually sign it either way.


New member
how about drawing symbols?

Try to create a drawing symbol likeyour signature, and use it everytime you want to!


New member

First, I agree withdr_gallup just type thepersons name in.

Next, you probably have a bad scan. Have the guy use a sharp felt tipped pen, so the signature is extra dark. Scan using gray scale, not color. Crop and print the signature before importing into ProE.
Good luck,


New member
We just type the initials in also. However,after youimport the scanned signature in try selecting on it and change the linetype color to geometry. I have had similar problems in the past where line colors other than Pro/E's original system colors printed out dim.

Good Luck


New member
According to me, the most "official" way to do this is to get Acrobat. Then you'll be able to print (to savein pdf, you have to print and choose printer pdfwriter)your drawings as pdf files. In Acrobat, you can save your own signature that no one else can move, copy or modify. You apply your signature in the appropriate box and it will remain there forever so anybody else wanting to open the drawing will see your signature.

There are also clones of pdfwriter such as win2pdf which was found to crash Pro/E 2001. I haven't tried it on Pro/E WF.

Hope this helps.



New member
But if you want to spend a lot of money on a real approval process, you can also get PTC's Windchill PDM/Link, it does include the electronic signature and process that forwards the drawing to the appropriate approvers when submitted. We've bought it but it's not installed yet so I can't give any other comment about itthen what I read on PTC.com and waht people from PTC told me.



New member
I agree with Mat.

Electronic signature does not mean scanning your signature and putting on the drawing.

I stongly advocate the PDF route. If you have Pro/Intralink better.

Alternative method.

Create a"Released Folder"

copy your drawing to this folder.

window select the drawing

Edit--->Convert to draft entities--->all views

File---->properties---->drawing models---->delete models---->select models.

With this the associativity between the models and the drawing is lost.

Group the draft entities.

With this you can still retain the drawing in Pro/E readable format.

However PDF route is best.