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"shown" dimensions and TDD skeletons



Does anybody have any tips on how to efficiently combine a desire to use shown dimensions on drawings with the rigorous use of skeletons (as parts, not the DM skeleton) and Top-Down Design? These methodologies seem to be at odds with one another. I am using skeletons to maintain all of the design intent and interfaces of major systems. The components that make up the systems are controlled by using external references of published geometry features in the skeleton. What I am finding is that most, if not all, of the dimensions are controlled in the skeleton parts not the component parts and assemblies. This is a good thing until I go to have a drawing made: There are no dimensions that can be shown; all dimensions must be created in the drawing mode. I share my company's desire to restrict the use of created dimensions, as it is typically poor form.

Is there any way to use reference dimension to fully detail a drawing? I need to have toleranced dimensions, GD&T, etc.

Any help would be appreciated.

Best regards,

Matthew Ian Loew


>>restrict the use of created dimensions, as it is typically poor form...

In some companies, there are valid reasons for not using created dims on drawings. In others, there are valid reasons for prohibiting shown dimensions (created dims only)... It really depends on your employers preferences/standards/requirements/etc... but I would not call either end of the spectrum poor form. In your case, it may be the best solution (or not).

Another alternative might be this: Some companies actually create separate engineering drawings of skeleton parts, complete with dims and gtols...



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