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Should we upgrade our Geforce2 Cards?


New member

My department is currently using computers that have the following specs:

Pentium IV 1.7GHz processors

1 GB RDRAM Memory

Windows XP Professional

NVidia GeForce 2 Ultra Video Cards with latest Detonator Drivers

We are going to be migrating to Wildfire in the next month. I am wondering if the video cards that we have now will be sufficient to run Wildfire. I am sure that it will run, but will we run into performance issues?

Our current duties are pretty much limited to creating large assemblies ( a few hundred various parts and sub assemblies) and a lot of photorenders for our marketing department.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated


New member
Yes. I also was using the GEFORCE2 GTS w/ the latest drivers, and when we went to Wildfire, it was slow as *&^%$. Spent a few dollars on the ATI FireGL w/ 128MB. Fixed the problem.