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sheetmetal tooling software


New member
Hi guys,

I'm researching on which is the best software for sheetmetal tooling
designing for us. I'm currently using Pro/E now and I know there are other
softwares out there being developed specializing in sheetmetal alone.

It would be a great help to get initial feedback from you.




New member
I'm not sure exactly what type of sheetmetal tooling you are designing but PTC has a couple of solutions that arenice depending on your application;

1. Pro/NC-Sheetmetal Option: This allows you to create, verify, and post-process toolpaths for turret punch presses and contouring laser/flame machines; among other things.

2. Progressive Die Extension (PDX): Automates the design of sheetmetal progressive die tooling.

Its nice to have an integrated tool design software within Pro/E.


New member
Thanks Jfausch.

I understand both Pro/E capabilities you mentioned but I'm actually
trying to venture on some other software which might have a relative
advantage to Pro/E especially on tooling for form and deep-drawn dies.
I'm a bit out-of-date now but last time I checked (about 3 years ago..
), trial and error + good tooling experience (of course) was still the way to go with this.

Anyway, should anyone knows any software related to this, it'll be very much appreciated.

Thanks again.