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Sheetmetal FAQ


New member
Good Morning,

I have few questions regarding Unigraphics Sheetmetal and query about expressions,

1)I want to know about creating Multibend Brackets, and if there are any websites where i can learn about giving routed relief.

2)I'm keen to use expressions and want to know how to link two expressions of two different files.

Im grateful to you all for the favour.

thanks for time and consideration.

Have a Good Day!


New member
Just create edge flanges or inset flanges (not sure this answers your question but it was simple).

Expressions are your friend. Let me tell you how I use expressions. First of all, all my sheetmetal parts have three basic expressions: mtl=(material thickness), isr=(inside bend radius) and osr=(oustide bend radius which would be mtl+isr). I always use these because I can reference them later when I need relief sizes. Second, I always start with a block defined as x= y= z= with one of these being equal to the expression mtl.



New member
Sorry, forgot to add the discussion about linking expressions.

Let me see if I can remember how to link expressions. I think it was (I'll use my own PN's for this example):

p(whatever)=881234::p(whatever) Now then, your p(whatever) could be any parameter name or one of UG's p#. Remember all this is case sensitive



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