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Sheet metal bend on curved surface


New member
I was wondering if someone could offer me a solution to
the problem I have seen bellow. I have three bends that
occurs on curved surfaces marked with blue circles in the
first picture. What I want it to look like is the second
picture which in my opinion is obviously sheet metal.
Can anyone suggest how I could solve this So I can get
one piece of flat sheet metal of all this.



New member
No one can do that because it can't be done.
You can not made this part using a bending machine.
It is hard for my English to explain better WHY but I suggest you to try to obtain this part from a sheet of paper. It is not possible without welding.

The part I see in the last picture (the real one) is machining using a press machine (and forming tools), not a bending machine.

Good luck !

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New member
Good morning!

SolidWorks is not the ideal tool for this part. While it can be modeled as a part it cannot using SW's sheet metal options. It should be modeled as a solid then exported to some other tools available for die forming. There are tools available and it's possible that one of your vendors has such a tool and will cooperate.



New member
Thanks both of you for your responses. I made it as one
part and I think like bdzin wrote that one of my vendors
might have a program for it.